DV Green Card Lottery

Every year the US Green Card Lottery makes 55,000 permanent resident cards ( Green Cards ) available to individuals who enter the Diversity Immigrant Program. Applicants are chosen at random as winners of the lottery.

Eligible countries are chosen by the rate of immigration from that country the previous year. Countries with low to medium immigration rates are then considered as an eligible.php country for that years US Visa Lottery.

Besides residing in an eligible country the primary applicant must also meet other qualifications to participate in the program.

Family Applications

Married couples have the option of submitting two applications. On the first application, the husband is the primary applicant while the wife is listed secondary. On the second application the wife is listed as the primary applicant and the husband secondary.

Children under the age of 21 can be listed on the parents application. Children over 18 can apply on their own. Separate applications in their names can be submitted in addition to being listed on the parent's application.

A photo of every applicant must accompany be submitted for each application. Photo instructions can be found a on the photo requirements page.

Eligibility Test:

Please select your country of birth from the list below.

Green Card Lottery

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